Best Gifts For Men Who Love To Play Golf

by | Sep 20, 2021

IMAGE CREDIT: Mick Haupt, Unsplash

23 awesome gift ideas that’ll impress any golfer for all occasions – from stocking-fillers to premium presents for the golf-obsessed.

Finding the perfect gift for a golf-loving man in your life doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle. Whether he is a seasoned player or has recently caught interest in the sport, we’ve got everything a golf geek would daydream about.

It’s time to surprise him with a golf-themed gift he can use to incorporate their passion into every aspect of his life.


best gifts for men


Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors

Key Features of this ultimate men’s golfing gift

  • Winner Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Awards for ‘Best Game Analyzer’
  • Hands-free data capture
  • AI powered GPS rangefinder
  • Personalized caddie advice
  • Smart distance club averages
  • Strokes gained analytics
  • Access to award-winning Arccos Caddie app
Award winning gifts for men

You Will Be The Winner With This Perfect Golfing Gift

The Arccos awarding-winning Golf Caddie is makes the perfect present for any serious golfer looking to improve his game. Arccos Caddie is a fully-automatic performance tracking system which features 14 sensors – one for each club.

Using A.I. technology this perfect golfing gift will analyze your game, highlight your strengths and weaknesses, and guide your practice and equipment choices.

As well, you get the first year’s membership to the Arccos Caddie App, golf’s smartest caddie! Impress any man who loves golf with this game-changing gift!

Also … Arccos Caddie link

Available separately, or combined with Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

  • Wearable shot-tracking device that connects with Arccos Caddie sensors and Arccos Caddie app
  • Automatically records shot data
  • Mark the hole location while standing next to the pin
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices
  • Arccos Caddie sensors (Smart Sensors, Smart Grips or Smart Sets – sold separately) are required to use Link
  • Weather-resistant
  • Battery life of up to 10 hours

best gifts for men


Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls 12-PacK, in six colors

Key Features of this ultimate men’s golfing gift

  • Superior cover, core and flight technology
  • Hybrid cover features innovative Impact Modifier for fast ball speeds and low spin and excellent greenside control
  • High-Speed Soft Compression Core maximizes energy transfer
  • HEX Aerodynamics is optimized to reduce drag
  • Comes in 6 vibrant colors, so you can easily track your balls

    Brighten Your Man’s Day With These High-Performing Golf Balls

    The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls have been one of the most popular balls for years … so much so that golfers who like them won’t play golf with anything else!

    Callaway have combined the New Hybrid Cover which features PARALOID Impact Modifier made by DOW Chemical, with the Soft Compression Core and HEX Aerodynamics. Altogether this gives the golfer increased ball speeds with reduced drag.

    In six stunning matte colors: green, pink, orange, red, yellow, and white, the man in your life will certainly stand out from the crowd.

    The 12-pack comes in a stylish box to makes the perfect gift for any golfer. Take them out of the box for great stocking-filler ideas.

    best gifts for men


    Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder GS24 for Golf

    Key Features of this ultimate men’s golfing gift

    • Cost-effective rangefinder for reliable performance
    • High-precision distance measurement
    • Measuring range from 5 to 650 yards
    • Multi-coated optics lenses to reduce reflected light
    • Turn off the slope function to make your tournament legal
    • 1-year warranty (replace or renew) with new purchases
      great value gifts for men

      Lock On To A Gift That Is Sure To Impress Any Golfer Looking For Accuracy

      For a golfer who wants to perfect his game, the Gogogo Laser Rangefinder GS24 makes the perfect gift. There are two models available priced under $120, which makes them the most cost-effective rangefinders to offer reliable golfing performance.

      With a measuring range from 5 to 650 yards (+/- 1m high accurancy) and 6x magnification, you know your golfer will be able to swing with confidence.

      Slope functions are automatically calculated with the option to switch off the slope feature in the second model.

      With a 1-year refund or replacement warranty, you can be secure in the knowledge that this gift comes with reliable product quality and after-sales service.

      best gifts for men



      Key features of this ultimate men’s Golfing gift

      • Continuous automatic ball return
      • Squaring and alignment guides
      • 9-foot indoor putting green
      • Portable and compact
      • True-roll surface
      • Up-slope at the cup
      Amazon best selling gifts for men

      Perfect The Putt With This Unique Men’s Golfing Gift

      Every golfer knows that their score is only as good as their putting, and this SKLZ Accelerator Pro will help them fine-tune their putting stroke. The continuous automatic ball return feature ensures they aren’t interrupted.

      The green mat is made using premium material, and it replicates the green conditions found on a typical course. The rolling pattern is predictable for easier use.

      best gifts for men

      Under $20


      Key features of this ultimate men’s Golfing gift

      • Made in the USA
      • Quick-draw release
      • Protective anodized aluminum finish
      • Stylish holder
      • Easy ball selection
      • Rubber coated bag clip
      • Sturdy quality
      • Track frame
      ervest stocking stuffer christmas gifts for men

      Go To The Game Prepared With This Tremendous Golfing Gift

      The Golf Ball Holder features a grab-and-go design that allows you to select balls from either side. The frame can accommodate three balls.

      With a sturdy design, you are assured that he will keep it for a long time. It also has a protective anodized aluminum finish.

      best gifts for men




      • Accurate slope measurement
      • Pin-locking technology
      • Equipped with 6x magnification
      • Pulse confirmation
      • High-quality molded hard carry case
      • The external slope on/off switch
      Editors choice gifts for men

      Improve Accuracy With This Perfect Golfing Gift For Him

      The Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder is a must-have for every golfer looking to improve their skill level. With precise slope measurements, you can use to calculate elevation changes and decline/incline angles.

      The high magnification ensures you don’t miss anything within a range of 5 – 1000 yards. It also has pin-locking technology that locks onto a pin within 300 yards away.

      best gifts for men




      • Sleek, comfortable design
      • High-resolution, sunlight-readable display
      • Easy-to-use watch
      • Calculates total score
      • Rechargeable battery
      • Feature GPS golf mode
      Editors choice gifts for men

      Satisfy His Stats With This Lightweight Golfing Gift

      Use this Garmin Approach S10 watch to check the distance to the front, back and middle of the bunkers, hazards, and doglegs. You can track your score and other stats.

      Track your progress by uploading the score and other stats on the Garmin Golf app to compete in weekly tournaments and leaderboards. 

      best gifts for men




      • Made of premium, quality material
      • Constantly light up for 8 minutes or more
      • Flash brightly on impact
      • Easy to distinguish the balls by their colors
      • Three-layer material golf balls
      • Six standard balls in the packaging
      Editors choice gifts for men

      Guaranteed Continuous Play For The Night Golfer

      These CrestGolf Flashing Golf Balls are made of soft, elastic materials light upon impact, making it easy to play golf in the dark. With a lighting time of about 8 minutes, you’ll have enough time to pick them up. After the time lapses, the light is extinguished but can light up again if you hit it.

      Buy it for someone who carries a club around the house and takes practice swings anytime to ensure they don’t lose the balls. They have a total runtime of 50 hours per ball, so your golfing friend can perfect his skills without any limitations.

      best gifts for men

      Under $20



      • The set comes with everything
      • A fun-filled gift idea
      • Ideal for all seasons – from Christmas to birthdays and company parties
      • Green to emulate a typical golfing field
      • For both expert and beginner golfers
      • Ambidextrous hand orientation
      Amazon best selling gifts for men
      ervest stocking stuffer christmas gifts for men

      A Perfect Gift For The Fun-Loving Golfer

      Whether your golf-loving friend is new to the game or an expert at it, they will love this Potty Putter Golf Game. They can use it to improve their putting game as they answer nature’s call.

      Since the set comes with everything needed for the sport, you can start playing right away.

      If your short game needs some working on, there is no better gift than this golf game. The idea that the set can be used during private time makes it appealing to use … and guaranteed to make him smile!


      best gifts for men




      • Unique golf design
      • Lead-free material
      • Hand-blown from 100% Borosilicate
      • It makes an excellent gift for any occasion
      • 10oz capacity
      • It can be used for most spirits
      Editors choice gifts for men

      A Classy, Practical Gift For Lovers of Whiskey And Golf

      This golf whiskey glass has a heavy bottom and rounded dimpled design, inspired by a golf ball. The result is a dramatic presentation of your favorite spirit, from vodka to cognac, brandy, scotch, and many others. The glass is large enough to fit a 2.25-inch ice cube while fitting easily on your hand.

      Not only is this glass solid and durable for daily use, but it is also elegant and likely to draw lots of attention from fellow golfers. It comes in a beautifully printed retail box to leave an impressive impression on your golfer friend.

      The set comes with two glasses – one for him and one for you!

      best gifts for men

      Under $50



      • Large organizer to fit all your golf accessories
      • Ideal for multi-use
      • It comes with adjustable dividers
      • Built with durable material to last
      • Size: 17″ x 13″ x 9″
      • Collapsible when not in use
      • For trunk organization
      • 100% satisfaction guarantee
      must have gifts for men

      Be Organized And Say Goodbye To Loose Items Sliding In The Car Trunk

      The Athletico Golf Locker comes with several removable dividers that can be customized to suit your storage needs. Configure it according to how you would like to store your golf shoes and other accessories.

      The outer mesh pockets offer easy access to some of the items without opening the primary locker. The removable top has a pocket large enough to fit folders, a tablet, and pencil holders.


      best gifts for men

      Under $20



      • Golfer beer gift
      • Real golf ball at the top
      • The ball doubles as a grip for the opener
      • Ideal gift for a golf enthusiast
      • Sturdy construction
      • It comes with a gift box for easy wrapping
      ervest stocking stuffer christmas gifts for men

      Perfect Gift For The Golfer Who Loves The 19th Hole!

      Show off your love for golf with this novelty bottle opener.

      After a day on the course, there’s no doubt that a golf enthusiast will go for a round of beer at the clubhouse, and this bottle opener is the perfect companion. The design is pretty sleek. The ball is real and the base is made from stainless steel which is firmly fastened into the ball, so it is good and study.

      Prepare him for the 19th hole with this bottle opener. This makes the ideal stocking stuffer gift for Dad, Granddad or any golfing enthusiast.

      best gifts for men

      Under $30


      Key features of this ultimate men’s Golf gift

      • Collapsible design
      • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
      • Comes with built-in targets
      • Easy to set-up
      • Compatible with real golf or foam balls
      • Ultra-lightweight and durable material
      Editors choice gifts for men

      Dial-In Your Short Game With The Help Of This Practice Chip-Shot Net

      Designed to help golfers work on different chips and pitches, the Callaway Chip-Shot Hitting Net is ideal for any golf enthusiast in your life. It can be used in the house or the backyard for easy practice.

      Anyone can perfect their chipping skills, and this net will go a long way in helping them. Golfers can use it to practice pitches from various distances and trajectories. It is the ideal gift for both beginners and advanced players.

      best gifts for men

      Under $50


      Key features of this ultimate men’s Golf gift

      • Ground-breaking parabolic curved design
      • Folds to fit in a golfing bag
      • Made of high-quality elastomer and polycarbonate material
      • It matches the exact conditions of a real golf hole
      • Great feedback
      • Returns good puts and reject bad ones
      Editors choice gifts for men

      Take Your Putting Expertise To The Next Level

      The Puttout Pressure Putting Trainer is a golf practice aid designed to fit the exact conditions one would experience on the golf course. It is a necessary tool to help improve pressure and pace putting on the green.

      The parabolic curved-design will give your golf enthusiast immediate feedback on his performance by automatically returning good putts, rejecting the missed putts and holding the perfect putt.

      Whether your golf-loving friend is a pro golfer or a beginner, he will love this trainer to help him improve his game. At the end of the session, the trainer will easily fit into his golf bag for easy storage.

      best gifts for men



      Key features of this ultimate men’s golfing gift

      • A timeless classic
      • An essential read for golf enthusiasts
      • Features different experience-tested golfing fundamentals
      • Includes lessons that may be  personalized
      • Offers step-by-step golfing hacks
      • Outlines the building blocks to win at golf
      Amazon best selling gifts for men

      This has been the one essential guide to the basic golf swing for decades, written by the man who understood it better than anyone else in the history of the game. Clear instruction, excellent illustrations.

      The Classic Way To Improve His Handicap On The Fairway

      Written by one of the all-time golf masters, Ben Hogan, ‘Five Lessons’ is the ideal gift for any man who loves playing golf and wants to improve his game.

      Whether he plays just for fun or competes, there is plenty to to learn from the tips highlighted within. Applying these five lessons will help any golfer master the fundamentals to improve his skills and his handicap.

      best gifts for men

      Under $20


      Key features of this ultimate men’s golf gift

      • Features non-slip grip
      • Heat-treated for a sturdy make
      • It comes with a 4-inch handle
      • Restores old irons
      • Cleans and sharpens wedges
      • Works on a range of golf club brands
      ervest stocking stuffer christmas gifts for men

      Time To Add Groove To Your Golf Clubs

      The nU Golf Club Sharpener is strong enough to clean the grit, and sufficiently gentle to preserve the quality of the clubs. The restoring steel is hardened to 64 points on the Rockwell scale for spotless cleaning.

      The handle is made of aluminium, and features a robust and non-slip grip for easy cleaning. Your golf-loving friend can use this sharpener to restore irons, wedges, and other types of golf clubs.

      best gifts for men

      Under $50


      Key features of this ultimate men’s golf gift

      • Worn on the left hand
      • Made of premium Cabretta leather
      • Quick-dry technology
      • Engineered perforations
      • Optimal grip performance
      • 20% increase in tackiness
      must have gifts for men

      Get A Grip And Improve Your Golf Swing

      The Callaway Golf Men’s 2020 Tour Authentic Glove features a perforated adjustable closure for a secure fit. It also has superior moisture-wicking properties to ensure your comfort while on the course.

      The fit and feel of this men’s golfing glove mimic that of the skin and features increased breathability, yet the grip performance is exceptional.

      ***Please note: this is a single, left-handed glove for right-handed players. For a right-handed glove, for left-handed players, please click here.***

      best gifts for men


      I’D RATHER BE…
      Humorous NOVELTY SOCKS

      Key features of this ultimate men’s golf gift

      • Fit most men US size 6-13
      • Premium knit socks
      • Luxurious comfort
      • Stretchy, super soft blend of 5% elastic, 10% spandex, and 85% cotton
      • Machine-wash friendly
      • Unique novelty gift for golfers
      ervest stocking stuffer christmas gifts for men

      A Golfing Gift That Speaks From The Sole

      For a great reaction, lots of smiles and a comfy feel, these novelty socks by Lavley, are sure to be a winner!

      Let the golf-loving man in your life tell you where they prefer being with these amusing socks that can be worn anywhere. They are colorful, funny and are a fantastic way to express his love of golf.

      These socks feature a golfing scene with a hilarious hidden message on the sole. They are ideal for daily wear, whether you are at work or headed off to the green.

      With a number of different styles to choose from … you are sure to find a personalised present for all your family members and friends.

      best gifts for men

      Under $100


      The easiest way to track your game

      Key features of this ultimate men’s golf gift

      • Includes 15 tags
      • Easy to use
      • Comes with intelligent club recommendations
      • Offers scoring analysis
      • Measures club distances
      • Ideal tracking tool
      must have gifts for men

      Turn Your iPhone Or Android Phone Into The Ultimate Golfing Companion

      Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who want to track, analyze and improve their game in real-time, these GolfPad Tags are a great gift idea. There are 15 ultra-light tags in the packaging. Simply leave the phone in your pocket and track every shot with a tap. Since they are light, they won’t affect your swing. 

      The tags don’t need batteries, so there’s nothing to replace or maintain. Being interchangeable, you can quickly remove and reattach them to a new club. They can be used on over 40,000 courses globally.

      best gifts for men

      Around $100


      Key features of this practical men’s golf gift

      • Adjustable feet
      • Soft-edge design
      • Can fit other sports equipment
      • Stands straight on any surface
      • Features 3 medium shelves
      • 35.40(L) x 15.75(W) x 34.25(H)
      great value gifts for men

      Organize His Game And His Garage With This Golf Equipment Storage Rack

      He will never be caught out searching for his golfing gear again. This super organizer by Mythinglogic will store all that golfing equipment he has strewn about in one simple place.

      This golf storage organizer features three extra-medium shelves, four removable hooks, and one golf club storage to help golfers organize their equipment in one spot.

      Since the feet are adjustable for leveling, be assured it will stand straight wherever you place it. The soft-edge design helps protect his golf bags from scratches. At the bottom, there is a hole steel board, which is sturdier and more durable than the net rack.

      best gifts for men

      Under $50


      Key features of this ultimate men’s golf gift

      • Features an accentuated spin
      • Comes with a printed alignment stripe on the balls
      • Limited flight and high visibility
      • Balls are regulation size
      • 64 balls in the bucket
      • Ideal for training indoors
      Editors choice gifts for men

      Set No Limits – Improve Your Game By Practising Indoors

      No need to miss golfing during winter when it’s too cold to go outside. The Rukket foam practice balls have limited flight and high visibility, making them ideal for playing indoors.

      Perfect for pitching, chipping, and even full shots, the balls are regulation size, so you’ll get the same feel as if you were playing on the course.

      They accentuate spin rates, making it possible to know how your shot would shape with a typical golf ball. It will help you identify exactly what needs to be fixed in your swing and work on correcting it … before you hit the green!.

      Just want 12 balls to start with for under $15, click here to buy now.

      Is the man in your life a pro on the golf course? Or does he love to hit the green (and the 19th hole) with the boys, for a little friendly competition?

      If you think he has everything, you’ll be surprised by the unique and practical golfing gifts you can buy online.

      Make an impression with a really thoughtful gift that reflects his love of golf – one that might just give him the edge on the fairway!

      best mens gift writer

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      best mens gift writer

      Mick Adler

      Sports Writer & Researcher

      Mick loves hitting the fairway with friends on the weekends. He spends much of his spare time participating in his many outdoor pursuits, such as surfing, hiking and fishing.

      Mick relishes trying out new sports and is often found participating in extraordinary activities like jumping out of a plane or learning to hoversurf. When he manages to fit it into his busy schedule, Mick loves sharing these passions with you.

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